Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funkshion Fashion Week: Miami

FUNKSHION Fashion Week @Funkshionfw: Florida kicked off it's premiere fashion shows on Wednesday October 19th thru Saturday October 22nd, 2011 in Miami Beach at the Satai Hotel and The Moore Building located in the Design District. The four day event provided fun, new, and innovative designs by many designers such as MIUAD,Sarahi House of Fashion, and Toxic Sadie Swimwear.

Toxic Sadie's PRreps, Johann Cuervo and Alison Stiegler

Spotted in the front row The Nu Chic, Mutha Versacci, South Florida's premiere dance artist, celebrated her house, disco, dance, pop, and r&b, infused EP 'The Nu Chic' as the soundtrack to Funkshion Fashion Week.

Nora Sahraoui, head designer of XELA, Made her debut during Funkshion with her 2012 Moroccan and French inspired collection.
"I am wholly French and wholly Moroccan. The influences of these contrasting cultures combine in me and are evident in my life and in Xela fashion. Morocco is a vibrant land with proud people, flavorful food, pulsating music and an abundantly rich culture. France is a land of haute couture fashion and an elegant and refined style. These counties are the fertile ground from which I discovered my love for fashion and are the spirit behind Xela Fashion."
I love it when a joke, a story,- better yet.. a fashion show comes full circle.

Designer, Nora, shared traditional cultural pieces in luxurious fabric vibrant in color with intricate details in the beginning of the show which then progressed to a more modern 'ready to wear' style of design eventually ending with elaborate gowns including a multi teared wedding dress.

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