Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hump day+Latte=a Good day.

Get through another Wednesday work day with a Latte at Starbucks!

Entertain yourself and get through the mid week hump by creating an alter ego when ordering at Starbucks.

Today I refrenced a quote by Golden Girl, Sophia Patrillo...."Zulu, Queen of the Dwarf People"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cat Eyes.

One of my favorite looks is 'The Cat Eye'
Admittedly it is not my strongest look to accomplish on myself. My eyes never end up matching and I always end up with a thicker line then I originally planned on having. This video was a great tutorial to practice with!
Yay LC for coming in clutch!

Lauren Conrad,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funkshion Fashion Week: Miami

FUNKSHION Fashion Week @Funkshionfw: Florida kicked off it's premiere fashion shows on Wednesday October 19th thru Saturday October 22nd, 2011 in Miami Beach at the Satai Hotel and The Moore Building located in the Design District. The four day event provided fun, new, and innovative designs by many designers such as MIUAD,Sarahi House of Fashion, and Toxic Sadie Swimwear.

Toxic Sadie's PRreps, Johann Cuervo and Alison Stiegler

Spotted in the front row The Nu Chic, Mutha Versacci, South Florida's premiere dance artist, celebrated her house, disco, dance, pop, and r&b, infused EP 'The Nu Chic' as the soundtrack to Funkshion Fashion Week.

Nora Sahraoui, head designer of XELA, Made her debut during Funkshion with her 2012 Moroccan and French inspired collection.
"I am wholly French and wholly Moroccan. The influences of these contrasting cultures combine in me and are evident in my life and in Xela fashion. Morocco is a vibrant land with proud people, flavorful food, pulsating music and an abundantly rich culture. France is a land of haute couture fashion and an elegant and refined style. These counties are the fertile ground from which I discovered my love for fashion and are the spirit behind Xela Fashion."
I love it when a joke, a story,- better yet.. a fashion show comes full circle.

Designer, Nora, shared traditional cultural pieces in luxurious fabric vibrant in color with intricate details in the beginning of the show which then progressed to a more modern 'ready to wear' style of design eventually ending with elaborate gowns including a multi teared wedding dress.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


The best thing to come out of Seattle since Frasier Krane, latte's, and every grunge band out of the 1990's.

Lenny kravitz and daughter Zoe
Woody Allen

Mary-Kate Olsen

Dinosours: A New Leaf.

Dinosaurs smoking pot. Classic 90's television programing.

Fall/Winter Nail Color Picks.

Every season-I rave about my signiture nail polish colors. for Summer I was obsessed with Revlon’s Minted, basically every shade of coral.

I spotted Khloe Kardasian’s hands-okay…stop looking at the ring, and notice one of my new colors for the fall/winter season!

1.Essie; Midnight Cami, CVS $6.00 (Khloe Kardasian Inspired)

2.Essie; Big Spender, CVS $6.00

3.Sephora by O.P.I; Mattalic Bronze, Sephora $9.50

4.Revlon; Vixen, CVS $4.50

The power House.

A perfect pant suit and a woman together is the modern-day dynamic duo. I
personally love classic pieces with basic masculine accents, for example a
blouse with a chunky watch or a basic t-shirt with and exaggerated trouser. I
love women like Katharine Hepburn and Mary Tyler Moore who have 
reputations of representing a strong woman in suit.

The Summer/Winter Dress.

A relatively inexpensive way to transition a summer wardrobe into the fall season is by adding tights. They pair well with those go to dresses and denim shorts. The best thing about this trend is that there are so many options to match your personality to chose from.

Tip: Most department stores have quality tights for low prices during their weekend/holiday sales. I have a pair of Calvin Klein stocking I bought for $6.00 at Macys

The Modern Brow.

thick eyebrows are socially acceptable again and I’m channeling my inner Wilhelmina Model - my skin, anxiety, and wallets are grateful too.

Fashion Week: London SS2012

Burberry Prorsum

Matthew Willamson

Issa London

Emilia Wicksteaed

Fashion Week: Paris SS2012


Mr. West is in the Building.

Love/Hate Relationship.

I have an internal struggle with my love hate relationship I have with denim on denim.
Favorite denim on denim moment:
Charlize Theron, cropped dark wash; Katie Holmes, dark wash flared; Kylie Jenner, dark wash skinny

Winter Essentials.

It's time to winter-proof your beauty products! Fortunately, I found and fell in love with these handful of items that actually work and are under 20$!
  • Nivea, 'A kiss of Moisture' $1.99; I particular tend to stray away from glosses, especially during the winter. While the wind smacks you in the face there is nothing worse than digging your hand out from layers of clothing just to peel strands away from your lips.
Tip: Apply chapstick 3 minutes before applying your lipstick, tinted lip color, etc. Your lips will be smooth and moisturizer, ready for color to be applied without smudging, cracking, drying out etc.
  • Aussie, 'Deeeep 3 minutes Miracle Moisture Treatment $2.99
  • Burts Bees cuticle cream $3.00
Tip: Apply cuticle cream before a hand moisturizer.
  • Tarte 'Lifted Natural Eye Primer' $4.99
  • Milani mineral blush $4.00
  • Sonia Kushuk radiant tinted moisturizer $10.00
  • Neutrogena body oil $6.50
  • Chi Iron Guard thermal protections Spray $6.50
  • Elf Studio Primer/Plumper $3.00
Read more from top skin experts and crack the "cold-weather skin-care" code

Winter Fuchsia.

Hair Combs- for the broke & busy.

I do not use hair accessories. I am a no fuss person when it comes to my hair. Perhaps it could be because I have no time or because I am a 22 yr old that goes through hot flashes.
Here is a great DIY hair comb I found on my new favorite site
I can continue to skip my hair prep time and add a bit of quirkiness to my outfit. Best part - I can stick it in my hair and pull it out avoiding any damage!
"To create, Pick up hair combs from you local drug or beauty store. I’m a huge Goody fan, personally! Rip pieces of cotton material into 1” strips. Leave a little bit of a frayed edge will give you more texture. If you want a cleaner look, cut your fabric strips with scissors. P.S.- If you cant find fabric, cut up an old tee that may be lying around. Double knot two 12” strips on one end of a tooth. Weave the fabric in and out of the teeth, and repeat with the second piece. Double knot both pieces together on the last tooth, and snip the ends.  You’re ready to rock the up do and adorn your hair with the ultimate DIY accessory. Get creative with your hair style using bobby pins, and other styling tools for various looks. P.S.- if you love to rock the high-bun, add a comb to the base of your top knot to top off!"